“The advantages of dealing with one trusted supplier and the benefits of a dedicated team outweighed any concerns we had about outsourcing.”

Sonia Belfield, HR Director


Müller launched the innovative Müller Corner to the world in 1988 and has not looked back since. Today, Müller is the UK’s most successful yoghurt manufacturer and has ambitious plans to expand further within the dairy sector.


Müller had traditionally recruited utilising third party agencies and in our humble opinion had not utilised their brand efficiently in the recruitment market. During an initial project, ResourceBank were able to demonstrate that Müller could use their brand to attract high calibre candidates and reduce the complexion and cost of dealing with multiple suppliers.

ResourceBank’s relationship has now grown and Müller outsourced all permanent white collar recruitment in 2012. The solution utilises ResourceBank’s online authorisation candidate tracking and management system which are also utilised for light touch management of all blue collar recruitment.