Pitney Bowes – RPO

The partnership offers significant value for money when taking into account the productivity of the team, the quantity and quality of candidates as well as the improvement and investments made in our recruitment process. Above all, the Pitney Bowes ResourceBank Team allows us to enjoy the fruits of our talent which are driving forward our dynamic organisation.”

An embedded talent attraction team has achieved significant cost savings, a robust recruitment process and comprehensive reporting for Pitney Bowes in the UK.


Pitney Bowes Profile

With a heritage spanning over 90 years and over 2 million customers globally, Pitney Bowes Inc. is the world’s largest seller of postage meters.

The Challenge

Pitney Bowes employ over 2,300 people across the UK and, with just a seven-strong recruitment team tasked with reducing cost per hire and the number of agencies used, they required a flexible and scalable strategy provided by a single, dedicated team. Due to the cost savings we could implement, the quality of our e-recruitment solution as well as endorsements from current clients, ResourceBank were appointed in 2009 to provide this team.

There were a number of elements that needed to be addressed and getting up to speed as quickly as possible was absolutely key as initially the team were not based onsite. The immediate challenges included reducing the cost and time to hire as well as the dependency on recruitment agencies. There was also a requirement to implement an automated online recruitment authorisation system and introduce a UK careers website.

The Results

Initially the onsite team handled permanent and interim recruitment for all vacancies up to manager level across the majority of Pitney Bowes business divisions. In addition to developing a comprehensive sourcing plan, we carried out pre-employment screening, ran assessment centres, issued offers of employment and provided regular reports on overall processes, trends and results.

Our expertise enabled us to ‘hit the ground running’ and within two weeks of being appointed we had launched a fully operational front-end e-recruitment interface on the Pitney Bowes website. This was linked to a recruitment database and enabled us to deploy efficient candidate tracking systems and processes.

We also employed three former members of their in-house recruitment team so that we had the knowledge and cultural awareness to ensure our RPO solution would be a complete success.

The team is now firmly embedded and regularly attending HR and management meetings and company events. Our efficient, user-friendly systems have greatly improved the recruitment process and we’ve made a huge difference to both the amount and availability of key management data. The cost and time per hire have significantly reduced without compromising candidate quality. We have also covered ad-hoc projects within Europe, focusing on France, Germany and Sweden.

In 2012 ResourceBank were awarded runner up in the ‘Best Embedded Recruitment Team’ category of the National Recruitment Awards.