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Benefits of a warm welcome

A warm welcome is vital when it comes to new hires. Managers often underestimate the importance of a well-executed on-boarding program which can contribute towards improving employee engagement, increased retention and improved productivity. When bringing on a new hire, a company only has one chance to make a positive first impression and show that they value their employees. Market research carried out by HR Works shows that employees who are introduced to a strong on-boarding program are much more likely to stay with the organisation after three years

Engage employees early on

A good on-boarding program educates and engages employees even before day one. Research carried out by Aberdeen Group shows 35% of ‘best-in-class’ companies begin the on-boarding process before the new starter’s first day. Allowing new starters an insight into their role, company benefits and business objectives before they start, familiarises them with the company culture early on. Results from the same survey also suggests up to 60% of companies make the mistake of failing to set milestones or goals for new hires. Setting realistic goals goes a long way towards fostering employee engagement and retention – up to 20% of employee turnover happens in the first 45 days therefore it’s crucial a strong on-boarding program is set in place.

Forging relationships with employees

The most engaged employees are the ones who hold strong relationships with their managers and co-workers. An effective way to build strong connections is by assigning new starters to a mentor or buddy during the on-boarding process, effective mentoring has been demonstrated to bolster retention and job performance and is a great way to increase engagement during the first thirty days. The Aberdeen Group also discovered Manager Satisfaction increased by 20% when their employees have formal on-boarding training.

Efficiency and productivity

Once a new employee feels a high level of support and unity from those surrounding them, they are more likely to perceive a positive attitude towards the company which will encourage efficient working and productivity. A solid on-boarding program also benefits the productivity of HR Managers. A UK survey carried out on 1000 HR professionals shows 69% of them finds issuing offer letters and contracts a very timely process. This suggests an all-in-one solution for on-boarding would be beneficial to everyone and all companies should embrace technology to make the first few weeks as smooth as possible for both the employee and hiring manager.

It is imperative the on-boarding program makes completing forms and reading documents a simple task and can be accessed quickly and easily at all times. This in turn will help the company save money in terms of HR administration time, postage and paper – meaning valuable time and resources can be spent elsewhere. The reduction of print and paper will also help make a positive impact towards the environment.


Northgate On-boarding Portal

ResourceBank launched a bespoke employee on-boarding portal for RPO clients, Northgate Vehicle Hire, which allows Northgate employees direct access to everything they need to read and complete during the on-boarding process. The responsive portal is accessible through mobile devices, tablets, and desktop PCs and has significantly sped up the time it takes to complete and return documentation.

The on-boarding portal simplifies and speeds up the offer to start process and enables us to get new employees into jobs more efficiently and quicker than before – providing Northgate with a more responsive and competitive hiring service. This improved on-boarding experience has since seen a rise in Northgate’s retention rates and employee engagement of new starters improving significantly.

If you would like to find out more about how your company can benefit from a solid on-boarding program, contact us on 01952 281900 or email to find out more.