Employee Relations

Expert ER advice and consultancy

“Employee Relations focuses on managing the relationship with individual employees so that employee engagement and commitment grow and business performance soar.”

Many HR Directors are managing the increasing risk of non-compliance in an ever expanding and evolving body of employment legislation.  Employee Relations is a highly complex area of expertise which requires highly skilled HR professionals to effectively cover the full scope of ER activities.

It is not only the expanding range of legislation that HR Directors need to cope with. Like buses, ER issues frequently all arrive at once as changes or issues within your organisation result in a number of cases at the same time. This changeable and fluctuating case load provides a resource headache to HR departments and can fully absorb/ consume already stretched internal resources.

Through their involvement in ER issues, HR staff can be seen as the negative disciplinarian, focussing on conformance to policies, rather than being able to focus on their proactive role as an HR Business Partner; where they need to be seen as the coaches and developers of talent.

ResourceBank HR Solutions ER service is delivered by HR professionals with many years expertise of managing ER as HR managers within a range of UK companies and organisations.  We are hands-on experienced CIPD qualified HR professionals, backed by a team of expert employment lawyers, who will manage and support your ER activity.

Our key features:


Your internal HR team is able to concentrate on improving workforce and organisation performance


We work with you to standard practices and processes


We work to agreed and clear measurable quality standards


You are able to manage peaks and troughs from transactional ER activities to more complex case work


A highly-skilled and experienced centre of excellence able to guide you through the web of employment legislation and ER best practice

Commercial Delivery

Of sound commercial advice whilst minimising risks