Exit Interviews

Real-time employee engagement feedback

Why is it that disgruntled employees wait until they have handed in their notice and are walking out the door before they tell you the real reason that they are leaving?  The irrational fear of reprisals means that while they are employed, most individuals will tell you what they think you want to hear, rather than what may actually be happening.  Even when they leave, many employees won’t tell you the full truth – but they will tell their new employer or an independent party why they are moving on.

The ResourceBank Exit Interview service gets to the truth of the matter – and because of our independence, flexibility, proactivity and responsiveness, we are able to get feedback from up to 90% of your leavers – while an internal exit interview system frequently only manage to interview 25% of leavers.

We can tell you the answer to:

  • Why are people really leaving?
  • How engaged are employees?
  • Why are competitors more attractive?exit-interviews
  • What is your true Employer Brand / Reputation?
  • Which teams / managers are particular problems?
  • How can you improve retention?

Our dedicated, experienced team undertake telephone interviews at times to suit the leaver, ensuring that the exit interview process gives you useful, comprehensive information which enables you to take remedial action.

  • Experienced HR interviewers
  • Evening & weekend phone calls – not an online survey
  • Up to 90% completion rates
  • Full reporting
  • Trends / issues identified
  • Cost effective rates

Why outsource Exit Interviews?

  • Leavers are more honest & open with an independent party
  • A dedicated team can process the interviews quickly
  • Reporting and analysis provides useful trends and insight
  • More cost effective than using internal management or HR staff

If you would like to know more about our services then please contact Richard Pearson.