"We wanted to take significant action on improving our ED&I outcomes. Using, ResourceBank meant the project was undertaken expertly and quickly."

Mark O'Dwyer, Director of Human Resources at Birmingham City University


Birmingham City University (BCU) has over 29,000 students from around the globe and commits to having students at the heart of everything it does.

  • ED&I Audit

The Challenge

BCU had a very clear mandate in order to support their Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) strategy, they wanted to work towards delivery of their ambition of having an academic team that is truly representative of it’s student body.
BCU wanted to understand their current position in relation to the recruitment of non-white academic employees and understand what needed to change in order to increase diversity within its academic employee population.

The Process

Angela Webster led a research project which included assessing current ED&I recruitment data and spending time with over 20 Deans and Recruiting Managers to quantitively and qualitatively assess their current position in relation to their ED&I recruitment goal.
Time was also spent speaking with the recruitment and senior HR team assessing current practices and processes and how well they support the recruitment of diverse academic employees. This included:


• Assessing the approach to education of those responsible for recruitment
• The extent of knowledge around BCU’s ED&I ambitions
• Understanding industry pipelines into academic roles and the impact this may have on attracting new talent
• Whether there were any barriers preventing talent from applying for academic roles
• Understanding how BCU were attracting talent
• Reviewing the selection and interview process

Mark O'Dwyer

Director of Human Resources at Birmingham City University

“We wanted to take significant action on improving our ED&I outcomes. Using, ResourceBank meant the project was undertaken expertly and quickly. Angela, ResourceBank’s key consultant is extremely knowledgeable on all things ED&I. Having her independent eye to review what we were currently doing and then make clear recommendations for us to implement has given us a clear pathway to improve. We would not have been able to deliver that without Angela’s expert help.”

The Result

The project provided BCU with recommendations and a comprehensive plan for improvement that would support fundamental changes within recruitment practices and provide a clear plan for the university to work towards.
By implementing the suggested actions, we are confident that:


• There will be an increase in knowledge and understanding of BCU’s ED&I Recruitment aim
• There will be a clearer plan for those faculties that need to implement initiatives, subject to the industry having a sufficient pipeline of talent
• There will be an increased number of candidates applying for roles due to the suggested changes relating to attracting candidate
• The introduction of a more structured approach to selection and interviewing will see greater consistency and less personal choice involved in offering a candidate a role
• The recruitment and wider HR team will be upskilled with the ability to offer skilled expert advice to recruiting managers
ResourceBank is fully committed to supporting its clients and enabling them to improve their ED&I practices.
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