'Phenomenal' first year recruitment for Dental Partners

In a year we have spoken to over 10,000 candidates, had in-depth career consultations with 3,642 applicants and recruited more than 80 new staff members to the Dental Partners team including over 30 dentists.
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Dental Partners is a venture capital backed dentistry start-up with ambitions to grow significantly over the next 3 years. The business model is to purchase local dental practices, rebrand to Dental Partners and grow these practices through recruitment of additional staff, training and development.

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Dentistry is an incredibly competitive recruitment market and the effective attraction of skilled staff is key to making the business strategy a success.  Dental Partners asked ResourceBank to establish and run the recruitment function for them.  We had no experience of dentistry – but we were able to quickly immerse ourselves in the complexities of the market – and bring our expertise in employer branding, talent engagement and rare skill attraction to the party.

We undertook the following:

  • An engagement survey to identify key issues to help drive recruitment
  • The development of the “Best Place to Work” EVP
  • Video interviews with dentists, nurses and support staff highlighting the positives of Dental Partners
  • Multi-channel recruitment marketing campaign utilizing the EVP to raise brand awareness
  • Direct search and approach for every dentist within the UK to introduce the Dental Partners brand
  • Careers page on Dental Partners website with mobile enabled application portal
  • A dedicated team to management recruitment and recruitment marketing

0 Candidates spoken to

The ResourceBank team managed 1,306 vacancies via a centralised resourcing function for Dental Partners using a branded bespoke careers website and candidate portal.

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Prior to ResourceBank's involvement, time to hire was anything between 70 and 100 days and attrition was very high. The dedicated team reduced this to an average of just 30 days.

0 New staff members

The team helped to ensure all new candidates were engaged with and identified with the Wolseley brand. This engagement smoothed the path for the rebranding of all branches to the core Wolseley brand during 2019. Current NPS scores are +82 for internal managers and +89 for candidates
ResourceBank’s expertise within recruitment, technology, social media and the development of the Dental Partners EVP, has been intrinsic to a successful growth strategy. Their performance in the first year of the RPO has been phenomenal considering we started from nothing.”
Qadoos Rashid HR Director

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