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We recognise that our work activities have an impact on the environment in the use of raw materials, emissions to air and water, and waste generation. We seek to minimise this as far as is reasonably practical. It is the policy of ResourceBank to:
  • Make efficient use of natural resources by conserving energy and water, minimising waste, and recycling where possible.
  • Use recycled materials whenever these can be commercially justified.
  • Keep transport use to a minimum.
  • Work with suppliers to ensure they recognise and reduce the environmental impact of their products and transportation.
  • Meet its duty of care requirements in relation to waste by ensuring the safe keeping and subsequent recovery or disposal of waste

Building a school in Nepal

We are passionate about creating educational opportunities so, to mark our 25th year, we are funding the building of a new school in Nepal by the United World Schools charity. Children at the hard-to-reach village currently have a two-hour walk to reach the nearest school.

The UWS Meringden School will provide a vital education centre in an area damaged by the 2015 earthquake.  Nepal’s literacy rate is among the lowest in the world and only a small minority of girls attend school. We plan to attend the opening of the UWS school which will provide education for 140 children.  Clients interested in being involved in supporting the school are very welcome to join us.

Covid-19 has delayed the building of the school a little bit but we hope that it will be up and running by the end of the year.


ResourceBank actively promotes ‘giving back’ by supporting our ‘Social and Charity Committee’, made up of dedicated employees who are responsible for ensuring the Company actively participates in local, national and international fundraising activities.

We are proud to support the community and offer employees paid time off for Charity work.

Some of the Charities we supported last year were; Action Medical Research, Shropshire Youth Trust, Cancer Research, British Heart Foundation, Save the Children, Go Kidz Go and Newport Rugby Club.


We believe that the success of a business depends on people. ResourceBank’s approach is based on capitalising on what is unique about individuals and recognising that people from different backgrounds, perspectives and experiences will enhance and add value to the way we and our clients, do business.

ResourceBank maintains a zero-tolerance position on violations of anti-human trafficking and anti-modern slavery laws.

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