High demand care sector workers successfully recruited

ResourceBank RPO attracted new candidates to the care sector and supported Huntercombe Group to recruit 200 key care workers over a 3 month period.


The Huntercombe Group has an excellent reputation for the quality of care for people with mental illness, learning disability and brain injury in its 22 specialist hospitals and centres throughout the UK.  The company treats over 700 patients daily and provides vital rehabilitation care to ensure patients lead fulfilled lives.

The business approached ResourceBank in November 2019 with a challenge to recruit around 200 new team members in a variety of key centres before the end of March 2020.


ResourceBank established a dedicated team incorporating recruiters with expertise in attracting candidates within competitive sectors.  They developed a recruitment campaign which featured traditional and digital channels, highlighting the many positive aspects of a caring career to attract new candidates to the sector.

ResourceBank Account Director, Mahj Hussain, said:

“Care work is a really competitive recruitment market.  The post-Brexit point based immigration system means it will only become tougher in the future. It was key to the success of the project to ensure that we were attracting candidates from both a care and a non-care background.

“It’s a tough environment to work in and candidates have to have the right attitude, so behaviours and motivations are really important, which our assessments were able to establish.  We act as ambassadors for our clients when we speak with candidates and recognise they have a choice.  Making the case for Huntercombe is a vital part of what we do.”

The ’high touch’ approach has been very successful, with over 40% of successful candidates coming from outside the sector.  In a market where skills are short it is essential that candidates are attracted from other sectors.

Marlene Boyd, People Director for Huntercombe, was keen to point out that the joint partnership was working well and Huntercombe were now a step ahead of the market and upcoming legislation.

“Ensuring high quality patient care relies on having well qualified and enthusiastic colleagues in each of our services.  Working with ResourceBank has enabled us to achieve the right balance and both parties have learnt from the collaboration.”

Thanks to the success of the initial project, Huntercombe is contracting with Resourcebank to provide ongoing recruitment support to the business.


  • 200 high demand care workers successfully recruited
  • 3 month project window
  • UK Candidates attracted from non-care sectors
  • Contract extended to provide ongoing recruitment support

Contact Mahj Hussain on 07889 251938 for more details