Magnet RPO: 2003-2016


When Magnet outsourced its recruitment to ResourceBank in 2003 its prime objective was to reduce the burden on a busy HR team and allow the retail team to focus on what they did best; the sales and marketing of kitchens.

After thirteen years of providing a proactive, dedicated and professional outsourced recruitment service, ResourceBank handed back the responsibility to a new internal resourcing team established by Nobia UK (Magnet’s parent company) in 2016.  While we were sorry to see the contract go, we were proud of the work we had delivered and the results we had achieved.

Our approach

The Magnet Resourcing Team was established in the ResourceBank head office in Telford and, over the thirteen years of service delivery, flexed and adapted to different priorities and volumes as Magnet has successfully negotiated a challenging economic and retail environment.

The service grew into a fully outsourced model with control and responsibility for all aspects of the process resting firmly with the Magnet Resourcing Team, from checking initial authorisation all the way through to managing the offer process.

The partnership developed to meet the changing needs of Magnet with more sophisticated services offered as and when required (including a bespoke careers website, web advertising and exit interviews).

The Magnet Resourcing Team became an established part of Magnet’s HR team and attended sales conferences, visited stores and represented the business in a professional and supportive manner.


Over the thirteen years of the partnership, ResourceBank recruited over 10,000 people for Magnet and helped the business achieve some notable strategic changes.