Managed Service project to save £200,000 for NHS

ResourceBank’s professional blend of management consultancy and healthcare recruitment expertise is supporting NHS remodelling and reconfiguration whilst saving both time and money.

In just 12 weeks, our innovative approach saved the NHS more than £50,000 with a projected total saving of over £150,000 by March 2020 if the project continues to this date.


Earlier this year, ResourceBank was approached by one of the largest NHS organisations in the Midlands. They needed 10 consultants to set up a project management office (PMO) to help transform the way healthcare works across the Midlands.

Sam Alsop-Hall, Managing Director for ResourceBank Healthcare, has created and developed our new hybrid consultancy business, allowing NHS & Private Healthcare organisations to access services from our RPO, Executive Search, Interim Management and HR Solutions businesses.


Sam implemented the Managed Service Project for the NHS, becoming part of their internal team to ensure targets were delivered. They had previously been using several recruiters and co-ordinating schedules had been problematic.

Sam’s efficiency in arranging a convenient interview process of set times in one venue over one week saw all necessary roles recruited by the end of that week!

With the team in post, Sam has still been very much part of the ongoing process, with his role including invoice reporting, financial reporting and interim management. He has been meeting with them fortnightly to see how they are getting on and check they are on target to deliver what is needed

Sam Alsop-Hall, Managing Director for ResourceBank Healthcare said:

“Using us for their pop-up MSP RPO meant one contact, one set of contracts, one interview schedule, one consolidated invoice and a saving of £50-60,000 in 12 weeks for the NHS, as well as saving them an immeasurable amount of time. The project will see a brand-new model of healthcare, being implemented in the Midlands. It is brilliant for the area; a nationally-recognised new model of care, and will be an embedded way of working from April next year”


  • One contact point
  • One set of contracts
  • One interview schedule
  • One consolidated invoice
  • Saving of £50-60,000 in 12 weeks for the NHS

For the next phase of the project in October, five of the team are staying on to continue work and Sam will be bringing in additional project managers.

The above work will be entered into the HSJ Partnership Awards next year and we are delighted the project has been such a success given that pop-up MSP RPO services is a new way of doing things for the NHS.