Tilney Best Invest – Recruitment project

ResourceBank completed two recruitment projects for Tilney  Bestinvest; sourcing high quality staff to enable them to launch a new joint venture and relocate their contact centre from London on schedule.


Tilney Best Invest

Tilney Bestinvest is a leading investment and financial planning firm looking after more than £9 billion of investments on behalf of their clients.  With a head office in Mayfair, London, the company employs almost 400 staff across its network of offices with a strong presence in Liverpool within the Royal Liver Building.

The Challenge

Tilney Bestinvest established a new joint venture with Saga offering investment and financial planning services  The venture required a new dedicated team to introduce the service to Saga members, process sales and manage customer service.  Historically the company had used a number of recruitment agencies to support its own HR department, but given the importance and urgency of the project, ResourceBank RPO was selected.

Project 1 (SIS) Implementation

The Saga Investment Services (SIS) project commenced in June 2015 with a tight deadline of August for the appointment of the majority of customer service staff.  The team needed:

  • 7 x Customer Service / Helpdesk Advisors
  • 7 x Operations Assistants
  • 4 x Outbound Sales Agents

Following the initial briefing meeting with client management, ResourceBank appointed a small team to manage and deliver the required level of support across the full recruitment process.

SIS wanted staff with a real aptitude for customer service, rather than results-driven telesales operatives, and the team initially undertook research into the job market in Liverpool, mapping companies that potential candidates could currently be working for.

The team created advertising copy stressing the benefits of working for SIS and used a range of channels including social media, local networks, internet job-boards and internet advertising to raise awareness and attract a flow of candidates.

All candidates who applied for the role were initially screened on the telephone for experience and customer service focus.   Candidates that demonstrated their potential were then assessed for aptitude and behavioural skills using a market leading online assessment tool.

Candidates that scored highly on the assessment tool were then invited to the Liverpool office for a face to face interview by a Tilney Bestinvest manager.  Successful candidates from interview were then contacted by the ResourceBank team to ensure commitment to the role.  Job offers were managed by ResourceBank and, by the start of September, all of the customer service staff were recruited and the joint venture could launch on-time and to schedule.

Project 2 (London relocation) Implementation

Tilney Bestinvest were so impressed with the success of the Saga recruitment project that, in October 2015, they asked ResourceBank to manage a second project which involving replacing their London based core customer service centre with one based in Liverpool.    Twenty four (24) new members of staff were needed to start in the Liverpool office in the January to take over the delivery of telephone customer service to Tilney’s core client base, many of which were high net worth individuals who had been customers of Tilney Bestinvest for many years.

Tilney open evening cropFortunately the type of skills required were similar to the Saga project, and through utilising the candidate pool previously generated, the ResourceBank team was able to identify and gain referrals for a healthy number of candidates.

As the time schedule was tight, ResourceBank arranged 3 open evenings at the Tilney Bestinvest office in the iconic Liver building.  Attendees were given a presentation by the Tilney Managing Director and had a tour of the office.  They were able to have brief one to one interviews with a member of the Tilney Bestinvest management team with the best candidates invited back for a more thorough interview.

The offer process was again handled by the ResourceBank team and, by the end of January 2016, twenty four members of staff joined the Liverpool Tilney Bestinvest team.


Both projects were completed on schedule.  Tilney Bestinvest management have commented on the very high standard of employee recruited—a complement to the team’s talent attraction skills and the accuracy of the behavioural assessment techniques used.

Outsourcing the project to ResourceBank meant that Tilney managers were not tied up with recruitment & selection activity, allowing them to focus on key project management areas.

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