Independent assessment of your talent to support development, selection and restructuring

Assessing Talent

Being able to identify and assess talent in a structured and objective way is a challenge for many businesses throughout the commercial world.

ResourceBank offers a range of assessment services which enable clients to make informed decisions on key topics such as talent identification, staff development, succession planning , selection and redundancy.

Our Assessment services team have many years of expertise in designing, developing and implementing assessment projects for large and small businesses throughout Europe.

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Our key services

  • Assessment design and delivery
  • Selection (internal and external)
  • Identifying potential
  • Job analysis
  • Competency Framework design / mapping
  • Bespoke exercise design
  • Bespoke on-line situation talent screening
  • Simulation exercises
  • Psychometric ability profiling
  • Psychometric personality profiling
  • Executive assessment
  • Assessor training


Being able to understand the capability of your people is fundamental to driving the development of high potential. It increases awareness and growth of capability across the board, supporting succession planning and career mobility and ensures that your people and business are as agile as possible.

High Potential

Identification and development programmes help you distinguish between high performance and high potential, ensuring that your emerging leaders are aligned to your strategy and enabling you to support them in their development in order to reach their potential.

Team Development

Psychological profiling in team building can be a very useful tool in distinguishing personalities, traits, characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of each team member giving them a more rounded view of themselves and their team.

Succession Planning

Helping you to define and deliver a process for identifying and developing internal people with the potential to fill key business positions.

Career Mobility

Maximising your people power by moving employees across grades/ positions (both upward and downward) or a complete change in occupation. It ensures that employees, over a period of time, move to job roles suitable to their skills, goals and aspirations. Career mobility can be a result of both – the choice of the employee or the choice of the employer.



External Recruitment

Helping you make informed decisions by providing a holistic profile of suitable candidates combining a range of tools across the selection spectrum; Ability, Behavioural, Motivational and Judgement to ensure the right candidates are presented and the right hiring decision is made.

Internal Selection

Providing a rigorous and pragmatic approach, we ensure that your organsations’ values, competencies and vision are at the core, supporting you to get the best possible insight into your people.  Our approach is tailored but often uses a mixture of robust off the shelf tools and bespoke exercises to ensure maximum validity and engagement.

Being able to assess and select the right talent is core to any business.   We are able to help you identify quality, effectiveness and organisational fit through a range of robust, innovative and bespoke assessment methods. This could encompass simple psychometric profiling through to assessment centres enabling you to make reliable, objective and confident decisions about your people.  We take a partnership approach, whether it’s to find the best external talent, undertake internal selection or to support a restructure; we can help you realise your talent vision.

Restructure / re-organisation

These can be challenging times, with significant risk, and often time sensitive.  No matter the scale of project we can support you to deliver in a timely, fair and objective way that is fully aligned to the project goals.

Personality profiling

This gives a powerful insight in to how an individual will perform in relation to the team, role, environment and culture by identifying their capabilities and limitations and any possible risk of appointment.


Where Assessment functions and duties have been managed in-house you are able to easily transfer these to us.  We can provide a full circle service for such projects including set up, project management, design, delivery, MI and full candidate management.  The benefits being increased expertise, a scalable and flexible resource, UK coverage often coupled with commercial gains.

Tools and Techniques

  • Job Analysis: Obtaining detailed and objective information from a range of sources about the role(s) to be performed in order to determine the competencies around which the assessment will be designed
  • Competency framework design & mapping: creating a full competency framework for your organisation or validating and updating an existing one. Mapping can be required to cross reference and / or enhance current frameworks  bringing them to life with definitions, behaviours and tools
  • Interviews: Structured, consistent and objective competency,  motivational , situational or strengths based interviews can be used to gain insight or to validate outcomes of personality questionnaires
  • Ability tests: Measuring objectively an individual’s current ability and future capacity in area such as verbal, numerical, abstract reasoning, logical, accuracy and spatial awareness. These can be a leading predictor of on the job performance
  • Personality Profiling: These provide insight in to an individuals’ personality and preferred working styles within the workplace. Specifically you can look areas such as emotional intelligence, management and leadership approach, motivation and team type.

Established in 1995, we have a team of experienced HR, recruitment and assessment professionals who deliver excellence across our four key service lines.

Within RB Assessment we have a team of Occupational Psychologists and Assessment professionals who have vast experience as well as specialist expertise.  Our team has extensive knowledge of the most up to date tools & techniques that can be used to support any assessment, development or leadership challenge.

  • Simulation Exercises: Exercises such as case studies, in tray, e-tray, presentation, group and role play exercises are an excellent method of assessing how well suited a candidate is to a particular role. Candidates are asked to complete a business simulation to demonstrate how they might complete a set of specific tasks relevant to the role.
  • Situational Judgement Tests: Provides test takers with specific scenarios relevant to the organisation and are a time and cost effective way to understand candidates’ likely behavioural style. As well as giving applicants a realistic job preview it can help you discover the decision making ability of your candidates.
  • Assessor Training: If required we can train your people to be assessors; this can help reduce costs whilst increasing engagement and providing development for your people
  • Bespoke Exercise Design: To increase face and content validity we often work with HR, Business Leaders and Heads of Function to create bespoke, job relevant and fully objective exercises to be used as part of a range of exercises across an assessment centre

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