Celebrating 25 years with a new school in Nepal

ResourceBank is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2020 with a series of events to mark the occasion and to give something back to the community.

The main focus will be the building of a school in a Nepalese village.  In addition we will take on monthly charitable and healthy ventures centred around the number 25 involving all our team.

Building a school in Nepal

We are passionate about creating educational opportunities so, to mark our 25th year, we are funding the building of a new school in Nepal by the United World Schools charity.  Children at the hard-to-reach village currently have a two-hour walk to reach the nearest school.

The UWS Meringden School will provide a vital education centre in an area damaged by the 2015 earthquake.  Nepal’s literacy rate is among the lowest in the world and only a small minority of girls attend school.

We plan to attend the opening of the UWS school which will provide education for 140 children.  Clients interested in being involved in supporting the school are very welcome to join us.

Covid-19 has delayed the building of the school a little bit but we hope that it will be up and running by the end of the year.

25 good things a month

The ‘25 good things’ campaign will see ResourceBank staff take on monthly charitable and community ventures centred around the number 25 to highlight our milestone year.

Incorporating the whole team, initiatives so far have included a month where everyone runs or walks 25 miles for charity, or picks up 25 bags of litter to clear a local beach or park.

The campaign was been kick started in January by sponsoring a hot breakfast event for 25 homeless people at shelters in Birmingham and Middlesborough.

Other activities so far have included, planting 25 native trees, raising money for koalas injured by the Australia wildfires and colleagues baking something special for their loved ones as part of our ResourceBank bake off!

Managing Director Richard Pearson said: “We’re really proud to be celebrating our 25th year at ResourceBank. Our commitment to innovation and outstanding service has enabled us to remain successful and grow as a business, even in challenging economic times.

“We wanted to mark the occasion by giving something back, and the school project, as well as our 25 good things a month are great ways of doing that.”

To get involved with our 25th year events, please contact:

Richard Pearson
Managing Director

01952 581900

Email Richard direct

Richard Pearson
Managing Director

To find out more about our 25 year history, please click here.

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