5 reasons candidates are scrolling straight past your job ads

It doesn’t matter how great your company culture is, or what perks and development opportunities your company offers, if your job adverts are poor – the quality of applicant will be too.

Here are five things to avoid if you want to increase the number and quality of your applications.

  1. Putting the full job description as the advert

This is one of the worst ways to advertise a job. Yes you’re giving the prospective candidate an extremely thorough view of the role in its entirety, but at this stage in the process you want to attract candidates to work for you, not give them a list of daily duties. This can lead to the candidates screening themselves out of a role feeling they cannot tick every single box on the job description.

A huge list of bullet points can be overwhelming as well as monotonous.

Put yourself in the job seeker’s shoes, if you were applying for a role what would peak your interest most about a role?

2. Steer clear of jargon and clichéd buzzwords

Stats have shown that 71% of people can be discouraged from applying for jobs because of jargon.

Acronyms and ambiguous words and phrases can confuse and deter applicants. Some examples of the ones best to be avoided are –

  • In line with operational requirements….
  • You must be a self-starter
  • We’re looking for a dynamic individual
  • Digitally fluent
  • Core competencies

3. Ditch the trendy titles

If I asked you what a Happiness Hero was would you automatically think ‘Customer Service Assistant’? Neither would a candidate who types in their search criteria on a job board. You might think a quirky title might stand out to millennial and Gen Z applicants, but they generally have no relevance to the job itself and it can make it difficult to compare the role with others in the market with more conventional titles.

See if you can guess what these people do for a living…

  • Workstation Evangelist
  • Rockstar Analyst
  • Innovation Alchemist
  • Retail Jedi
  • Wizard of Lightbulb Moments

4. Don’t be demanding

There are typically two types of job advert, demanding or supportive.  Candidates are less likely to respond to sentences that start with “ You will have…” or “ you will be expected to..” and prefer phrases such as “we will support you in…” or “we can give you..”

In today’s market, the candidate holds the power. You need to show them how you can work collaboratively to achieve success, how the company can support them and the benefits offered to them for being part of your organisation.

5. Being too vague

One of the most common reasons candidates give for not applying to a job advert is that they don’t understand what you are offering them. There’s no need to get too detailed in your descriptions—but don’t leave any room for ambiguity either! You can explain more about exactly what you do at the interview stage if needed but when it comes to advertising jobs online, it’s important that every applicant knows exactly what they’re signing up for before they decide whether or not they want it.

A great example is advertising a part time role.  Part time workers often have other commitments to work around so by being transparent in the first instance with working hours and patterns you’ll only get applications from people with the perfect availability.

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