5 reasons people aren’t applying for your jobs

It’s an old-fashioned view that lengthy job applications deliver only the most dedicated candidates who make it through to the end like they’ve passed some sort of test. Only 20% of people  complete a job application from start to finish. That’s a drop off rate of 80% of potential talent you’re missing out on.

It’s currently a jobseeker’s market, with the number of vacancies in the UK surpassing one million in July. So once you’ve got someone’s attention with your job ad, how can you ensure they aren’t deterred by your application process?

  • Are you mobile?45% of people  look for jobs on their mobiles so if your website or careers site is not optimised to work on these devices, it will look messy, unformatted and hard to read – which doesn’t look professional or appealing to applicants.
  • Remove the hurdles – You want to make the applicant journey as smooth and succinct as possible. If you’re asking questions – are they all necessary? Do they have to create an account or move from a job site where their information is already saved to your careers site only to duplicate it? These are all things to consider when setting up your process.
  • Transparency – If your process simply can’t be cut short for one reason or another, make it clear at the start of the application how long it is likely to take and what it involves. This ensures the individual can prepare and set the necessary time aside. Knowing what to expect will mean the candidate won’t get distracted or leave the application process to undertake another task.
  • Applicants love career sites76% of applicants  prefer to apply through a company’s careers site than anywhere else. This lets them know they’re dealing directly with the employer and not a third-party recruiter. Career’s websites also give employers the chance to showcase things like the workplace culture and values using things like employee bios, blogs and videos, giving the candidate more information than they’d get anywhere else. You can see examples of Careers websites that Resourcebank have helped create for our clients here.
  • What happens next? If you make it clear in your advert what the next steps of the application process are, and an approximate timescale as to when they can expect to hear back from you, you’re already giving a positive candidate experience right from the start, and this is where a lot of companies can fall down.


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