5 Ways to combat Monday morning blues

We all know that feeling as Monday morning creeps around with its frustrating regularity. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Here’s some ways to overcome the Monday morning blues once and for all.

Don’t over-schedule on Mondays – Filling your diary with meetings on a Monday is bound to fill you with dread come 9am, and probably cross your mind Sunday too. Try and spread your tasks out over the week if possible.

Know where to start – write yourself a list on Friday of your priorities for Monday morning. This gets your brain back in game quickly and you’ll spend less time trying to think where you left off at the end of last week. Come lunch time you’ll have ticked off a load of tasks and feel much better for it.

Make Monday more Friday – When it comes down to it, Monday is a day like any other. Fridays feel more fun and excitable as we’ve got a weekend of activities and relaxation ahead. Why not do the same for Monday? Plan a trip the cinema in the evening or have lunch with a friend. You also have the added bonus of mid-week deals making it cheaper than at the weekend too!

Take your break – Whether you get 30 minutes or 60, make sure you make the most of your break. Get into a different headspace, get away from your desk and go for a walk, have a look round some shops, visit an art gallery! Make it your own and make it enjoyable.

Don’t hit snooze – Hitting snooze is actually detrimental for your brain as it confuses your internal body clock, making you feel even more tired and disorientated. Keeping to your regular early starts at the weekend too help massively with your sleeping patterns so come Monday morning you feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

 So in summary, Monday can be whatever you want it to be. It’s almost ingrained in us that Mondays will automatically be awful, but by giving into that we’re only perpetuating the problem. The only thing stopping a Monday being as good as any other day is you.

On the off chance it’s actually your job that’s making Mondays daunting and you’re ready for a change, our Outplacement services can help you figure out what kind of job will really make you happy.

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