534 Kickstart positions in first 6 weeks of 2021

ResourceBank has applied for 534 kickstart positions on behalf of 24 companies in the first six weeks of 2021.  If all approved, these kickstart applications will secure over £4 million of Government funding for the companies involved.

Richard Pearson, Managing Director said

“When we applied for Gateway partner status I set the team target of helping over 1000 people into new jobs in the first six months of 2021.  I’m delighted that we are already halfway to this target!”

All roles covered by Kickstart

The 534 positions are in a wide variety of roles identified by the 24 companies to date.  They include trainee marketing assistants, domiciliary carers, beauty therapists to warehouse operatives.  Companies signing up for the scheme range from a 3-person marketing consultancy, a medium sized care home through to a global building products manufacturer.

Anna Brett, Kickstart Ambassador said:

“Kickstart can be used for any type of role and every company I speak to is identifying a slightly different use for the scheme. There is a fair amount of red tape in the system and our clients are very thankful for the advice and support I provide with the scheme.”


Completely free to employers

Richard Pearson added:

“Kickstart is completely free for employers as the Government pays wages, taxes and national insurance for 6 months. They also provide funding for training and administration. As far as I am concerned the scheme is a must for any business looking to expand this year.”


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ResourceBank’s role as a Kickstart Gateway is funded by the Government and at zero cost to employers.

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