Are you ready for the great graduate recruitment rush?

Graduate recruitment – A step change!

Last year saw the somewhat forced move to virtual recruitment and the need for organisations to strengthen their own EVP, online information offering and upskill their busy resourcing teams in order to stay ahead.  The trend continues for 2021 and now with in-house recruiting teams having honed their process and nailed their offering it’s going to be a bumper year!

With reduced placements in 2020 due to Covid it means that last year’s students will now be competing alongside the latest graduates for positions.  Applications are expected to rise by over 40% leaving employers wondering how best to manage an influx of thousands of CVs to review.

Let’s not forget that right now there are a record number of job vacancies in the UK.  If you want graduates, so do your competitors. So how do you find the best talent first?

Here are five things you need to think about:

1. Volumes – High volume recruitment means high volumes of CVs to sift, lots of people to speak to and interviews to arrange. Having a great Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is key. Does yours have the capability to track the progress of each candidate from application right through to onboarding? Or do you need extra resource to bolster your existing team?

2. Speed – How quickly can you turn the applications around? Quicker than other companies in your sector? Is it easy for applicants to apply for your roles? A lengthy application process can mean candidates drop off halfway through if they lose interest.

3. Candidate experience – When the pressure is on to fill roles as quickly as possible does your your team have time to respond to every applicant? Even if they’re unsuccessful? No matter what the outcome a good candidate experience ensures your brand and reputation remains strong in the marketplace.

4. Candidate quality – When faced with high numbers of applications, does your team know what to look for to ensure they’re selecting the best candidates? Is this consistent and objective?

5. Technology – Are you working smart? And harnessing the technology that is available to you? can you introduce digital interview or interview booking portals? reduce workflows, automate, and use partner platforms?


If you need help with all or part of your graduate recruitment, this year is the year you need ResourceBank Flex.

It’s a service designed to fit around your business needs that manages all or part of the end-to-end recruitment process – wherever you need our help.

We can provide a dedicated resourcing team with the aim of becoming an extension of your existing HR / Recruitment teams, communicating with candidates as your company’s talent acquisition department and dovetailing into your process wherever needed. This enables you to focus on the day-to-day core functions and still be provided with great quality candidates.

All of our teams are experienced recruiters meaning only the most suitable applicants are selected on your behalf, and in record time.

Take a look at a recent project with a client in the legal sector where we screened early 1600 apprentice applications – with almost 500 of those actioned in the first two days of the project.

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