The most attractive retail employers

The inaugural ResourceBank Retail Candidate Insight Survey provides a fascinating insight into which retailers are the most attractive as potential employers to UK retail workers.   With the UK retail sector needing to employ an additional 100,000 employees by 2020, the challenge to attract the best candidates is becoming ever more competitive.  Many large retail employers have been investing in career sites and direct talent attraction and engagement strategies over the last year, and our survey shows which of these has been most effective at communicating the attractiveness of their employer brand.

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Candidates completing the survey were asked to select within which retail sector they would like their next job and were then provided with a list of 10 of the largest retailers in that sector.  They were asked to rate each retailer on a scale ranging from 1 (not attractive) to 4 (very attractive) or to select “Don’t know” if they were not familiar with the brand.

We then combined all the scores from all the retailers to produce a table of all 70 retailers that we included in the survey.  The overall results were as follows:

In first place was John Lewis, with nearly two thirds of the candidates that wanted to work in a department store rating then as “very attractive”.  In second place was online giant Amazon, followed by Marks & Spencer in third, Zara topping the fashion brands in fourth overall, and House of Fraser in fifth.

To see where all the other 65 retailers ranked, and who was top of the Home/DIY and Grocery sectors, have a look in the full report which can be viewed and downloaded for free here.


The research was undertaken during July, August and September 2015 with more than 30,000 active candidates within the retail sector asked to complete an on-line survey.

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