Building of ResourceBank’s school in Nepal continues….

In 2020 as part of our 25 year celebrations we committed to funding the building of a new school in Nepal. Children at the hard to reach village currently have a two hour walk to get to the nearest school.

The UWS Meringden School will provide a vital education centre in an area damaged by the 2015 earthquake.  Nepal’s literacy rate is among the lowest in the world and only a small minority of girls attend school. We plan to attend the opening of the UWS school which will provide education for 140 children.

We recently received an update from the United World Schools charity, showing the progress of the build so far.

Despite progress being slowed due to the pandemic with the village currently in lockdown, the building of the school is not far from completion. The school will be large enough for 8 classrooms, which in an area where the children currently have to walk two hours to the nearest school is life changing for them.

Managing Director Richard Pearson says “I’m delighted with the progress so far as Nepal has been hit hard with the pandemic. The school looks much bigger than I expected and it’s great to see it taking shape”

We’ll keep you updated as the project moves along, however here we can see the progress the team have made so far.

RBR School 1
RBR School 4
RBR School 3
RBR School 2
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