Excellent reaction to care sector Covid-19 recruitment offer

ResourceBank has received a great response to our Covid-19 recruitment offer to the care sector.  Recruiting starting today for one new client and we’re talking to 3 other care home groups about how we can best support.

The offer to give support to care homes and hospices throughout the UK was launched on the 5th April and a team has been established to contact as many care homes as possible to offer proactive recruitment and HR support. Head of Marketing Mike Ellingham said

“It’s a terrible situation that the country is facing and it is hitting the care sector particularly badly.  As an experienced and expert recruiter within the sector, we wanted to do whatever we could to support care providers.”

The offer of support is simple; Whatever you need, we will do it for you.  Pay us only what you can, whenever you can. 

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Mike continues

“The reaction from many care homes has been fantastic.  Their own recruitment and HR teams are massively overstretched at present.  They are having to manage the Covid-19 safety and well-being of current staff as well as recruit new staff members in these challenging times to cope with the additional demands they have. ”

ResourceBank has quadrupled the number of expert recruiters within their Care Sector team and is now supporting several care providers with a range of services including:

  • Job advertising and recruitment social media management
  • Screening and filtering applications & CVs
  • Interviewing via phone and video
  • Technical and legal screening and references
  • Assessment and onboarding of volunteers
  • HR support and staff welfare / engagement monitoring

Mike concludes

“We encourage any care provider who needs support to get in touch.  We can lighten the load for you in these challenging times and we can do as little or as much as you need.  If you have funding, we can work for you at cost, and even if you have no funds, please get in touch because we will support pro-bono for those in direst need”

richardintranetAny care provider or hospice please contact:

Richard Pearsons
Managing Director
01925 2819oo

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