Why Did the Badgers Cross Italy on a Bike?

Under slight duress from my colleagues I have agreed to explain a little more about a rather strange sounding activity I undertake every summer. Yes, it’s true my diary is blocked out every year for 4 days with “Badgers trip to” …. somewhere interesting in Europe ! This year it was a coast to coast cycle ride in Italy, sounds idyllic doesn’t it! It would be if it wasn’t for the challenge it involves, namely cycling 450 km over 3.5 days in mountainous terrain. It is by far the most difficult thing I do all year and despite investing a significant amount in carbon fibre it is not getting any easier.

Why do I subject myself to this torture, and it is very tough I’ll make no apologies. Well, it can be the most exhilarating thrill, racing 50km per hour down a mountain road almost makes up for the 2 hours of continual climbing to get to the top in the first place.

I do it with a group of around 40 like-minded people (we call ourselves “The Badgers”, a story for another day!) who have become friends as we share the pain and the relief each day. Anybody who is watching the Tour de France at the moment will understand long distance cycling is by far the most arduous physical activity anybody can undertake.

There is another very good reason we do this and I am proud of the fact our group of ‘Badgers’ over the last 8 years have raised £2.25 million for a little known charity called Action Medical Research (AMR).

Since its inception in 1952, Action Medical Research has been funding the very best research likely to make a difference to sick babies, children and young people. From Polio vaccines to ultrasound technology, many of the breakthroughs in childhood medicine have originated from research funded by their efforts.

This year I managed to persuade two of my longstanding clients to join me and I’m pleased to say Jon, Adam and I remain friends despite the pain I inflicted upon them. They are even talking about going again next year – its a amazing how quickly the brain forgets pain!

There is always room for another Badger on board so send me an email if you’d like to learn more.

Happy Cycling!


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