Delivering Effective International Executive Search

ResourceBank have been retained executive search partners for a global manufacturing business  for the past 3 years, carrying out  search assignments for positions based in  South America, North America, UK, Mainland Europe, Turkey, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, China, Pakistan and Bangladesh. All of these search assignments have been carried out here in the UK and involved identifying and sourcing candidates throughout the world.

We’ve been asked “How do you manage this from the UK – isn’t it challenging?” and the answer is “Yes it is challenging – but we’ve developed processes to overcome the logistical challenges and through having one global hub for international search we really understand the business and are able to offer economies of scale for our client.”

How to run effective international executive search assignments

Without giving away too many secrets, here are our top tips for establishing a central hub to successfully manage global executive search assignments:

  • Make sure you have a sound understanding of your client and the market space they are in, i.e. Manufacturing, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals.
  • Map out relevant businesses to specific location you are recruiting in – Talent mapping is a big part of search and ensures you are targeting the correct candidate pool.
  • Do you understand the employment environment of the country you are planning to recruit in (employment law, salaries, typical recruitment methods, typical notice periods etc.)
  • Ensure candidates can be directed to our website. We’ve found international candidates to be suspicious of a recruitment/headhunt phone call. Websites serve as credibility for you and the recruitment process. Providing as much information for the candidate to read will help build a good relationship from the start.
  • Time Zones are difficult to manage especially when you are working multiple projects from the US through to Asia. You need to be prepared to put the hours in and make sure you are available/work around the candidate’s availability. This again shows commitment and builds up a sound working relationship between candidate and recruiter.
  • Prepare written information, i.e. Job description/company background that can be sent to candidates. Even the most fluent English speakers will welcome information they can read at their own pace.
  • You must interview via video conference such as skype or FaceTime and NOT just a phone call – This will demonstrate your commitment to the recruitment process and the country hiring manager.
  • Plan more time for interviews than you would in the UK. Even the most fluent of bi-lingual speakers will take longer to interview. Interviewing abroad is an exhausting process, plan for it!
  • Maintain good, regular communication with candidates ensuring that they understand your recruitment process and time-scales. Frequent communication is also critical during the offer process and notice period.
  • ResourceBank provides a dedicated Executive Search service for clients and always offers a bespoke and personal service supported by the most advanced methods for global talent attraction

    To find out more about ResourceBank Executive, please email Dan Cruse on 07734 972682 or email


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