Digital interviews – benefits and pitfalls

In today’s competitive candidate market, it’s crucial for recruiters to maximise the effectiveness of their talent attraction activity. Recent research shows that 65% of companies are using video to conduct digital interviews with the amount increasing per year. At ResourceBank we have invested in a leading-edge video/digital screening technology and we share our experiences to date:

Increased access to top talent

Your most in-demand candidates will almost certainly be in a job at the moment – and offering an interview outside of normal 9-5 working hours means that these candidates will be more likely to consider an interview with you. Video is a versatile platform which can be viewed or recorded via any smart phone or mobile device at the time that most suits the candidate. Almost two thirds of video interviews are completed outside of working hours, with a large majority taking place over the weekend.

Saves time and money

Conducting interviews via video technology can help to save time and money as it allows first contact between candidate and employer without either party having to travel. It also minimises setbacks that may occur from scheduling telephone and face-to-face interviews, which is cited to be the main reason for delay during the hiring process. Because all applicants receive the same questions in the same way, employers are able to accurately compare and review candidate’s answers in a quick and effective manner, reducing the time-to-hire and recruit the best talent. Video interviews also allow you to pick up on visual cues that can impact your decision, unlike interviews done over the phone.

With the help of ResourceBank, World Duty Free recently integrated video interviewing into their talent assessment process which has proved to be a great solution for high volume seasonal recruitment. Video interview has halved the time it takes to undertake initial candidate screening – identifying the best candidates quickly as well as making the whole process more efficient.

Candidate engagement

Creating a candidate focused recruitment strategy by integrating video interviewing as a first stage process offers a more personal experience and allows candidates the opportunity to show off their personality rather than having to rely on just a CV and cover letter. In order to ‘sell’ your job opportunity and maintain a strong company brand, it’s essential to ensure the interviewee feels welcome. Including a personal video made by your hiring team explaining more about the position and hiring process is a great way to help the candidate feel more enthused before they complete their interview. Our experience is that using video at the initial screening stage reduces drop-outs at the second face-to-face assessment stage by up to 75%.

Top tips on using video interview:

1. It may not be suitable for everyone
Although video is a great platform for individuals to show off their personalities, some candidates may not feel comfortable with being ‘on camera’ and fail to present themselves as well as they would in a face-to-face interview. Our experience is that digital interviewing works best for sales and customer service vacancies, and is best avoided for roles that are technically focused. For instance, we don’t utilise video during the process of recruiting warehousing, driving and engineering positions.

2. See what works for you
Whilst video interview has been well received by candidates applying for jobs at World Duty Free Heathrow, it has been less popular with candidates applying to work at regional UK airports. Trialing the video interview is the best way to identify what does and doesn’t work for your recruitment needs.

3. Personalise the experience
Recording your own welcome video is a great way to make a strong impression on candidates and increase your desirability as an employer. Our Wolseley resourcing team have recorded a personal welcome video which features the entire hiring team and is played as an introduction for candidates, guiding them through the video interview process and outlining what is expected of them. This video has worked particularly well and has since received positive feedback from candidates.

If you are interested in introducing video interview to your recruitment strategy or would like to find out more, please call us on 01952 281900 or email to find out what we can do for you.

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