Eight things candidates want to see in your job adverts

When you applied for the job you’re in now, do you remember what it was that drew you in and made you click ‘Apply’? Here are eight examples of things that candidates look for when searching for new a role.


Probably the most obvious, but at the end of the day we work to get paid. Two thirds of people are more likely to apply for a role if a salary is present on the advert. It’s not always an option for various reasons, however if you’re struggling to recruit, you may want to reconsider.

Location, location, location

31% of people say convenience is a big factor when applying for a job. With the option for home/hybrid working becoming more accessible, commute times are becoming less of an issue, however people without the option to work from home and those on lower salaries will look at convenience over and above salary. So make sure it’s clear where the role will be located.


Work/life balance is more important than ever right now with the pandemic leading people to re-adjust their priorities and focus on what’s most important to them. Ensure the working hours for your role are clear, as well as talking about hybrid/home working, and how flexible you are with hours.

What’s in it for them?

It’s great to tell a candidate about your company and what you do, but if they’re truly interested in working for you, they’ll head to your website for more information, so don’t use your advert to just to talk about yourself. Instead let the candidate know why it’s so great to work for you, focussing on your company culture and what staff benefits you offer.

Career prospects

The possibility of long term progression is appealing. If you know the role you’re recruiting for has the potential for growth and development – say that. People are  more likely to apply if they see an opportunity that can lead onto greater things.

If the name fits…

Trendy job titles that include phrases such as ‘ninja’ or ‘hero’ detract from what the job is really about and are a big turn off for potential applicants. Ensure your role is advertised with an accurate job title that is easy for a jobseeker to find.

What you need from them

Outlining if you need someone with specific qualifications or experience benefits not only the job seeker as they will know whether they fit the desired criteria, but also ensures you, as the employer only receive relevant applications.


81% of candidates say it’s important the advertiser is completely honest in all aspects of the job advertised’ It’s important not to over-promote the role only to present a different picture at interview, or once the person has joined the business.

We’ve all been jobseekers at some point in our lives, so when writing your adverts think about what you would want to know about the position and you can’t go far wrong.

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