Engagement in the Employment Lifecycle

ResourceBank is a trusted business partner working closely with clients to solve their HR challenges and maximise their ability to attract, engage and retain talent. 

The Engagement Team has been working in Partnership with clients for over 6 years, helping employers to understand and objectively measure the relationship between the organisation and its employees.

To support your employee engagement strategy we design surveys, conduct interviews, and deliver regular reporting / MI, which will clearly inform your approach to improving engagement.

We offer tailored solutions that enable an organisation to gain objective and measurable feedback on employee engagement at different stages of the employment lifecycle.

New starter

Engagement and on-boarding

Organisations typically spend on average over £3,000 on identifying and employing new colleagues; it’s important to check in, ensure that colleagues feel valued and that their expectations are being met. Typically carried out at 4 weeks and 4 months service, questions are designed to check in on whether the role is what they expected, the induction was useful, their relationship with their manager and team and how well integrated they feel.


Carried out regularly, pulse surveys measure engagement on any number of topics that can be monitored on an on-going basis, as the same questions are asked in every survey. You can make sure that important initiatives are having the desired impact on engagement. Specific sections can be added and / or changed to reflect opinions on anything pertinent that is happening within the organisation at any given time. Because these surveys are carried out more frequently, they are usually shorter and snappier than an Engagement interview.


Engagement surveys are typically carried out annually. They measure the temperature within the organisation on any number of topics that impact engagement. More detailed than pulse interviews, the results provide a deeper dive into employee engagement on an annual basis. Engagement can be objectively measured year on year.


Stay interviews identify pain points before they become full blown problems. The highest performing employees should be the primary focus, also those areas of the business where there is high attrition, or colleagues have skills that are much sought-after in the external market. You need to learn what makes your company valuable to them and what would make your company even more attractive. In short, what will make them want to stay.


Exit interviews offer the opportunity to learn from mistakes. They help identify problem areas and as a result can improve retention rates. They can lead the organisation to make changes in the way they recruit, promote, train and engage colleagues.

Why choose Engage at ResouceBank?

Members of our Engage Team are highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of employee engagement from the design and build phase, through to delivery of interviews and reporting.

  • We have a partnership approach that ensures that the solution meets your needs.
  • All aspects of design, delivery and reporting are fully customisable.
  • You will have access to your own data in real time via your unique portal login, full training will be given to ensure you can manipulate the data to meet your needs.
  • There will be agreed escalation points. For example, if a leaver said they faced discrimination that would automatically be flagged.
  • Reporting / MI designed to meet your needs, usually monthly and / or quarterly, providing qualitative and quantitative data that will support the drive to make changes.
  • Objective 3rd party delivery ensures greater transparency and honesty from employees.
  • We have a flexible approach. Interviews can be carried via phone, MS Teams or via text / email depending on the type of questionnaire, volume and budget.
  • On-going review meetings to ensure that our solution continues to meet the needs of you and your organisation.
  • A business partner is assigned to each client to ensure that regular contact and communication.

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