Every Manager Needs To Be A Recruiter

If you’re involved with hiring in your organisation, you’ll know there is a big labour market shortage of talent right now. 76% of UK businesses are struggling to recruit and there are 1.3 million unfilled vacancies in our economy,

There is a ‘perfect storm’ of factors; low unemployment rates, high vacancy volumes, lack of available candidates driven by Brexit, and redundancy levels below pre-pandemic levels; have all combined to drive a high demand, low availability situation.

Regardless of the recruitment market conditions, talented employees remain the most valuable resource any organisation has. So how do you ensure they want to come and work with you?

The most important step is to recognise is that hiring can no longer be the sole responsibility of the HR or internal talent team. As a hiring manager it’s not about sending demanding emails to HR looking for more CVs, it’s not about making demands on candidates to go through lengthy application cycles and jump through multiple hoops, or low-balling offers when you know candidates have other options.

Now is the time for managers to work in partnership with your talent team.

You need to ask, ‘How can we work together to find and attract the best people?’. Everyone should understand they have a role – whether it be sharing your jobs on local social media, mentioning vacancies at social clubs or being welcoming, engaging and supportive of candidates that come in for interview.  And as a manager you need to take a proactive role, and not just when there’s a vacancy, building your brand as an employer of choice in your market makes filling those vacancies easier when they do arise.  Remember every good candidate that your talent team sources for you will have other options.  You need to engage them, make an effort to impress them and share with them what’s great about your organisation – find out what’s important to them too – this will help them know why they should pick yours.   You need to be a recruiter – selling the opportunity of working for you to candidates.

So, what are the specific things you can do to attract candidates?

  • “Be real” when it comes to what the role is and what skills and experience are required – essentials only, be open minded.
  • Spend time thinking about the “pitch” to a candidate. Why should they work for your business and why should they want to work for you?
  • Have an experienced and briefed sourcing / recruitment team to approach suitable candidates on your behalf. The best candidates are unlikely to apply to any advert – you need them to be wooed (and we can help you with this).
  • Have a “reach all” sourcing strategy ensuring candidate diversity
  • Be available at any time to talk to a potential candidate. Early mornings, lunchtimes, evenings and even weekends.
  • Once you’ve got candidates interested, treating them right is paramount, and making good, sound, but quick decisions is key.
  • Have a flexible approach to working hours, locations and benefits – what does the candidate want?
  • Enlist a diverse range of “Champions” to help. Candidates like talking to interesting and successful people within your business.
  • Provide constructive feedback to the candidate or recruiting team it’s a win/win – everyone feels valued no matter what the outcome.
  • Be “always recruiting”. If you come across someone who impresses you, find out what their goals are and think about whether you could offer them a better opportunity with you

These are ten key tips – but there are many others that we identify and recommend to our clients.  It’s working for us – we filled over 800 vacancies last month for our clients as a flexible extension to their HR teams.

If you’re interested in hearing more about how we’re helping our current clients and how this might give your organisation an advantage in the current labour market, then please get in touch with Charlotte Todd-Smith (Head of Client Development).

Happy recruiting!

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