Exit Interviews – a unique opportunity

exit interviewsExit interviews are key to organisational improvement since rarely will you receive such frank feedback from current employees. ResourceBank provides impartial and unbranded exit interviews which get to the heart of why people leave.  We find that employees are more forthright and honest with their responses when they know they are not talking to either their line manager or someone from the company’s HR department.

The key is to get hold of employees as soon after their resignation has been submitted as possible.  The longer gap between notice and contact, the less likelihood there is that feedback is fresh, relevant and honest.  As part of our exit interview service we also analyse and report on trends that emerge from interviews and regional or cultural issues that might be revealed.

We have recently completed a 6 month project for a multi national household name that wanted to understand the reasons behind a specific demographic of their workforce that had high recruitment costs due to an equally high level of leavers.  Having completed this initial exercise and identified a clear pattern in their workforces motivation for leaving we will be extending the service across a number of their other divisions.

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