Five ways to attract a diverse and inclusive workforce

Generally when we say ‘all inclusive’ we think of a resort, a wristband and unlimited Pina Coladas. But what about inclusivity in your workplace?

Diversity brings with it creativity, new perspectives. After all, diversity means variety! Over three quarters of people said belonging to a diverse workforce is a major factor when deciding whether or not they want to work at a company.

Many people hear the word diversity the first things that often come to mind are race and gender, when the truth is it also encompasses a whole host of people who are often underestimated and unrepresented in the workplace.

It’s important to demonstrate your company embraces job seekers of all ages, races, ethnicities, genders, identities, sexual orientations, locations and abilities. 

Here are 5 ways you can attract a diverse and inclusive workforce….

1.Company reviews – prospective candidates are more likely to trust the word of current or previous employees when evaluating what the diversity and inclusion culture looks like at a new company. Reviews on websites like Glassdoor and Indeed are invaluable to applicants and can be the deciding factor for someone choosing to click apply on your job advert.

2.Culture – In the past when recruiting you may have been looking for the ideal candidate to fit in with the company culture. Instead adopt the approach that you’re looking to add to the company culture. Having pre-defined ideas about certain values before an interview can mean the qualities a person can offer your business is often overlooked.

3.Benefits – Having a wide variety of company perks and benefits that suit everyone is really important. For example, millennials value training and development opportunities, parents look for flexible hours and older colleagues want stability. Making benefits accessible for all age groups can help attract individuals with different levels of experience and outlooks.

4.Careers Site – This is where prospective candidates will go to see what your company is really about. It’s your chance to showcase your culture and commitment to an inclusive


workforce. You can feature employee bios, charity events or your office space to help people get a better feel for you as an employer.

5.Social Media – When considering applying for a role, a candidate will undoubtedly check out your presence on social media. Are the images you use representative of a business that supports inclusivity? You can also use this arena to run social media campaigns perhaps featuring your company’s diversity mission statement.

When you take a genuine, authentic approach to diversity and inclusion, both employees and candidates will see the difference right away.

So just how diverse is your business?

We can offer a complete equality, diversity and inclusion audit that will highlight areas that are working well, alongside any gaps for which we can recommend both short- and long-term solutions.

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