Flexible recruitment partnership is preferred route out of lockdown

In the last few weeks we have seen a significant increase in companies looking for flexible recruitment partnerships to help them get out of lockdown and back up to full speed quickly and effectively.

The route out of lockdown is a tricky journey for HR Directors in businesses impacted by COVID.  They want to focus on giving HR policy and procedure advice as well as tracking the engagement and well-being of colleagues, many of whom will have been furloughed for months on end.   However, due to budget cuts, many have lost their internal recruitment resource, and so providing an effective recruitment service is a huge challenge.


Richard Pearson, Managing Director for ResourceBank said, “A flexible recruitment partnership is being seen as the ideal solution for many HR Directors.  They get an expert, effective recruitment team to support their initial drive back up to full complement while they can focus on the wider HR picture. As business gets back onto a more consistent level, they can scale back the partnership they have with us and even re-establish their own internal talent attraction team when they have the time to focus on it.”

Mahj Hussain, Accounts Director added; “We are talking to HR professionals within the aviation, retail and hospitality sector who have been particularly impacted by the pandemic. We can manage all their recruitment, providing a positive experience to all candidates, protecting and enhancing their employer brand and start to create a talent pool for future hiring.”

The ResourceBank Flex recruitment partnership gives:
  • Speed

  • Flexibilty

  • Resource

  • Satisfaction

  • Engaged recruits

If you need to recruit new team members to help your business exit from lockdown in the best shape, don’t take everything on your shoulders.  Talk to a partner who will manage the initial surge effectively for you and then work flexibly with you in the future – when you need it.

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