Four lifelines for HR Directors managing upturn

With recruitment levels rapidly on the increase as the economy starts to recover from the effects of the pandemic, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed! Here are four lifelines that could support you with your hiring needs.

Short term RPO

DON’T use recruitment agencies or try to manage increased recruitment yourself. A short-term recruitment partnership (RPO) gives you immediate expertise, dedicated resourcing staff for your brand at half the cost of using agencies. Appoint us to cover your upturn and then use us whenever you need us (see flex below).

Flex recruitment

If you are determined to manage your own recruitment, we can manage the tasks that you don’t have resources for! Advertising, handling applications, shortlisting, screening, rejecting and referencing – anything you don’t have resource for we can handle. No long-term contracts – just flex to use whenever you need us.


The Government’s kickstart scheme pays you to recruit unemployed youngsters. It pays their wages for 6 months and gives you a grant for training. Perfect for entry level roles. We are an official partner and have already secured funding for over 500 placements with pending applications for 300 additional placements and are working with more than 40 employers.

Engagement Interviews

Making sure all your employees are engaged, happy and committed to your business is going to be very difficult once the economy picks up. We will conduct independent interviews and surveys to tell you how they are feeling – and flag up if you may have a retention issue coming your way.

These are our top four most requested services at the moment and we anticipate these growing in importance throughout April – so please get in touch to discuss and reserve your lifeline to support your business upturn this Spring.

Discuss your recruitment needs

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