Get a free qualification from home if you are furloughed

Anybody who is put on “furlough” by their employer under the Government’s coronavirus jobs retention scheme can still undertake valuable training that leads to a recognised qualification.  And its all free for businesses in the West Midlands.

Head of ApprenticeLink Imogen Pearson said “It’s a terrible situation that the country is facing but this could be one positive factor to come out of the crisis.  Furloughed employees can undertake training and obtain qualifications from their home.”

Employees of any age can learn new skills or get a recognised qualification for current skills and the range of training is vast – over 200 training schemes covering topics such as digital marketing, IT infrastructure, leadership, logistics, customer service and business administration.  All are approved and recognised training schemes run by expert specialist providers and all are completely online.

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Imogen continues

“This is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to upskill all of their people and to give them a positive role during furlough.  They can be learning and developing their skills in order to be even more effective when they return to the business at the end of the crisis.”

It’s not just furloughed employees that can take advantage of the free training provided through a £13 million initiative from the West Midlands Combined Authority.  Employees still working can also start training schemes now for free.

Imogen finishes

“We encourage employers to move quickly as the funding is limited and we expect most employers to take advantage of this initiative for their furloughed employees.”

To take advantage of the free training and qualifications on offer, please contact:

Imogen Pearson
Head of ApprenticeLink
01925 281935

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