Google is number one for Retail job-seekers

The inaugural ResourceBank Retail Candidate Insight Survey provides a fascinating insight into how candidates are finding and applying for jobs within the retail sector in 2015.


Historically trade press and, more recently, internet job-boards have been the most popular source for candidates to find jobs in the UK.  However, in 2015, Google is the top of the media sources for all candidates in retail to find their next role.   It is a clear indication of Google’s dominance of the UK’s internet search market that candidates will prefer to type their search straight into Google rather than visit specific job boards.

TopmediaThe second most popular method for candidates to find jobs is to search on specific retail company websites for open roles.  Naturally companies with a well known brand will do well out of this fact – but they must make sure that the careers pages on their websites are easy to find, simple to search, list all the open jobs and make the application process clear and easy for candidates.  With the growth of search volumes from mobile devices and tablets, companies must ensure that applying for jobs is easy from these devices as well as from traditional desk top PCs.   Careers websites are the number one choice for retail management candidates – so companies must ensure that their websites have information which appeals to managers.

The third most favourite methods is to Search on Jobboards and Register with a recruitment agency comes in fourth.  

Candidates are least likely to use methods such as retail magazines, local papers and attending careers fairs.

These details and more can be seen in the full report which can be viewed and downloaded for free here.


The research was undertaken during July, August and September 2015 with more than 30,000 active candidates within the retail sector asked to complete an on-line survey. Nearly 1,500 surveys were completed, providing a large data set from which to base the research results.

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