Why You Should Help Your People to Leave

As we approach the end of January 2019, a mist of uncertainty has descended on the UK (and the wider world). Brexit is a significant factor in the UK and the global economy is facing mounting headwinds, and although we are statistically in a period of high employment, somehow workplaces feel that little bit more fragile than they did a year ago.

Whether it is because of technology (in the recent case of Verizon), or market forces (the carnage on the UK high street), thousands of employees have lost their jobs over the past year. It seems likely that this will accelerate significantly over the coming 12-24 months.

With levels of household debt at unprecedented levels, many employees are starting to wonder whether they should start to worry. Looking for a new job is one of life’s great mysteries – you never quite know how things will work out, especially if you are looking for a job when you don’t have one.

Now, here comes the obvious bit….

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Help your employees to leave on good terms

If you have a track record of supporting people when they are asked to (or choose to) leave, this helps employees to retain their focus and loyalty to the end. Yes, there may be a risk of losing your job in the next year or two, but be assured that when it happens we will give you plenty of notice and we will help you to find a new one.

Losing your job is never an easy thought to contemplate, but if you know that your employer has a track record of helping people in that situation, then why wouldn’t you continue to try your best to be a model employee? If you take your foot off the accelerator, then why would they help? When you finally do look for a job, you may need every bit of help and luck you can get.

Being proactive can avoid negative comments about your business

You don’t have to offer an outplacement service to employees, but if you do, it can help to prevent the damaging negative comments that frequently appear about your business on Glassdoor, Google and Indeed.  Supporting leaving employees can protect your online employer brand – and be an excellent investment for future talent attraction.

Outplacement helps to retain the people you want to keep

This “end of job” assistance could also be a key consideration when companies are seeking to retain their core talent. No one wants to work with depressed co-workers and ensuring that the working environment is as positive as possible is so important in difficult times.

Requests for our outplacement service have never been higher

There are many recessionary indicators starting to appear at the moment, and it can’t be a coincidence that the level of  requests for our outplacement service has never been higher.

We give dedicated advice, support and assistance to businesses (and their employees) throughout the UK and provide expert coaching (one to one and in groups) to leaving employees, enabling them to secure new positions (and yes protecting the current employer’s reputation).

The clients who are working with us know the true value of helping their people to leave.

Contact us

To discuss how your business could benefit from a proactive outplacement service, please contact:

Charlotte Todd-Smith
Service Development Manager
01952 281900

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