How outplacement can be a win-win for your organisation and your people

Restructures and change are inevitable within organisations and with individuals now placing more emphasis on the ethics, behaviour and culture of their employers, it is important that during periods of change to live to your values.

Exiting employees from your organisation is never easy, but the best leaving gift you can offer to your people is some specialist outplacement support for them to be able to successfully take the next step.

How can working with an outplacement provider benefit your organisation?

  • Protects your employer brand and reputation – you are an organisation that cares for its people
  • Provides extra resource for your HR team so they can focus on the process and existing employees
  • Helps to reduce stress levels both for HR and managers as well as those leaving the organisation
  • Shows existing employees that those leaving the organisation have been helped and supported in a positive way

So how does outplacement benefit those leaving?

  • Provides independent, confidential and experienced guidance and advice on how to make that next step
  • Identifies each individuals’ wants and needs and how to use these to create the purpose of their next step
  • Helps those leaving feel less alone by providing emotional and wellbeing support at a time of change and uncertainty
  • Rebuilds confidence when individuals may be feeling particularly vulnerable or low
  • Offers expert advice on the current job market and how to adapt their approach to job search
  • Prepares people to enter the job market by updating personal brand, CV and public profiles
  • Gives help through assessment and interviews practice
  • Provides ongoing support for the first 90 days so onboarding can be as smooth as possible

Next Steps Outplacement offers flexible, high quality coaching and outplacement programmes.  We put people at the heart of our support, really understanding their needs and giving them the space and insight they need to be able to transition smoothly and quickly whatever their next step.

We partner with your HR team and managers throughout to tailor our programmes to provide just what your people need.

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You can also visit our dedicated Outplacement page to read more about the different ways we can help.

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