How to beat ‘The Great Resignation’

The ‘great resignation’ continues with research from Total Jobs showing more than 2 million people are looking to change jobs before the end of the year. This figure may sound extortionate but 6% of the UK workforce are already working their notice period and over 25% of people are actively looking for a new position.

Covid has meant some people have had to switch industries out of necessity whereas nearly a quarter of people surveyed for the research said they were motivated by the need to do something different.  So with a record number of available jobs available right now, how can you ensure you retain your best talent and keep your attrition rates low?

Conducting regular employee engagement studies is a great place to start. Identifying your employee’s pain points can help you put a strategy in place to maintain a happy and motivated team.

Results from data we’ve collected for our clients show the 4 main reasons people look to change jobs are:

1. Lack of career prospects / progression

2. Pay and benefits

3. Issues with Management

4. Working hours

Engagement surveys give you the ability to touch base with your colleagues at any stage of the employee lifecycle, enabling you to get unique and actionable insights into the morale of your workforce.

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