How to rescue your company’s reputation

It used to be the case that a company’s reputation as an employer depended solely on word of mouth, however now we’re able to connect online there are many more avenues for people to voice their opinions – and its well known people tend to write negative reviews at a much higher frequency than positive ones. 

According to Glassdoor 84% of job seekers feel a company’s reputation contributes to whether they make an application or not.  However it’s not just reviews that have an impact, it’s an even bigger red flag if you have no online presence at all, with 57% of people feeling it creates a feeling of distrust and they’d be reluctant to apply without knowing more.

Research from Indeed shows that the top three factors when applying for a job are:

1. Salary

2. Word of mouth

3. Online company reviews

Both Glassdoor and Indeed have ratings for companies out of five stars, with the average score on Glassdoor being 3.69. Have you checked yours recently to see how your company is doing?

I’ve spoken to candidates personally who after the initial application, turn down an interview as they’ve ‘looked them up’ online and don’t want to work for the client concerned.

Can we fix it? Yes we can!

So whether you have good, bad or a non-existent online presence, you’ll be pleased to hear there are things you can do to improve your scores.

1. A good place to begin is by listening to your current employees, perhaps conducting an internal survey to see what’s already working well and what needs improvement. Addressing any concerns now prevents them becoming a negative review from a disgruntled leaver.

2. Try to be as open and transparent with your employees as possible.

3. Ensure your online presence includes ‘human’ stories including your employees as well as the corporate updates. This could be employee bios, company events, even team nights out! Showcase anything which gives an insight into your company culture and what makes it unique. This can be done in a few ways.

  • Via your company’s social media
  • On your company website – have a community page or include as part of your careers section
  • Indeed and Glassdoor let you create company pages to showcase your business and culture to prospective employees.

4. Both Glassdoor and Indeed allow you to respond to reviews about your company. It’s great practice to reply to all reviews whether they’re positive or negative, and it has been shown that a prospective employee looks more favourably on companies that do this.

5. Perhaps the simplest solution is to act on the information. If you’re getting consistent, honest feedback from people about what’s working and what’s not, use it to adapt and improve. If the issue is no longer there, no one can complain about it!

You’ll never be able to please every single person, but by being open and engaged with your employees, and working alongside them to create a friendly and inclusive culture, you’ll be well on your way to those five star reviews.

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