How to speed up your recruitment process and secure the best talent

It’s hard to fill jobs right now. There’s a record number of vacancies and candidates are like gold dust due to the competitive nature of the current market. So when you find a great candidate you want to ensure your recruitment process won’t send them into the arms of a speedier competitor!

So how long is too long?

According to Glassdoor, people spend 27 days in the interview process when applying for a job. Factor in the amount of time a person spends on updating their CV, writing a cover letter, and waiting to hear back from their initial application and the wait is even longer.

Traditionally it has been the employer who drives the recruitment process, but the demand for workers versus availability of candidates means it’s a job seeker’s market, allowing them to pick and choose opportunities offered to them.  How can you ensure you’re not missing out on talent?

The application process

80% of applicants abandon an application before completing it in full. The reason being the time it takes them to complete it. Do you really need to see a cover letter, or have a long form filled in when a simple CV will suffice?  Do you even need a CV? An application should ideally take around 5-8 minutes to avoid the candidate losing interest. If you can offer a simple one-click application, then even better!

The interview process

For entry level positions one interview will usually suffice, with mid-level and senior roles increasing to two and sometimes three before a decision is made.

Make sure to always ask your candidate if they are in the interview process for any other positions. This allows you to adjust the pace of your own recruitment to keep the candidate engaged and excited for the opportunity with your company.



83% of candidates say it would greatly improve the overall experience if employers provided a clear timeline of the hiring process. Make sure candidates aware of when they should expect to hear from you and if there are any unexpected delays.

So perhaps it’s not necessarily the time it takes to hire, but the transparency and communication during the hiring process that matters to the candidate. If you’re unable to speed up your hiring process, use regular communication to your advantage.

ResourceBank can support you with your hiring, whether it be on a long or short-term basis. We can help streamline your processes to make them quicker and more appealing to candidates, as well as conducting preliminary telephone interviews so you only have the best candidates presented to you to take forward. Candidates are engaged at every step of the process, from having a personalised response to their application, to regular updates at each step until they are offered the role.

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