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#HRDisrupters Cook it up in Birmingham

Cook and network event for HRDisrupters - 19th September 2019, Birmingham

#HRDisrupters like to "mix things up" at work so a hands-on evening at a Thai restaurant in Birmingham on 19th September with a professional chef learning how to prepare and present a banquet of Thai dishes seems like a great way to stir up the creative juices.

We are a small group of like-minded HR and recruitment professionals and the evening focuses on cooking a delicious Thai menu before devouring the results. There will also be an opportunity to mix things up even further with an introduction to the art of mixology and a chance to create a couple of delicious cocktails behind the bar.

It will be a very informal and enjoyable evening with a relaxed atmosphere and we do hope you can join us. If you are an HR Director, HR Interim or HR Manager interested in stirring up change and would like to join in on the evening of Thursday 19th September, just email or fill in the form below:

#HRDisrupters Birmingham

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Our most recent #HRDisrupters cookery event in Manchester in March was a fabulous success. See photos below for an idea of what is in store on 19th September.