#HRDisrupters Food Sorcery Manchester

Food Sorcery event for HRDisrupters – 14th March 2019, Manchester

Eighteen members of the ResourceBank #HRDisrupters group “mixed things up” in the kitchen last week at the fantastic Food Sorcery venue near Manchester.   All attendees enjoyed a hands-on evening in a professional kitchen mentored by two fantastic chefs learning how to prepare and present a banquet of Asian dishes.

The blue team’s tuna was a close second to the winning yellow team’s beef – which was truly mouth-watering!

Everybody was inspired by the processes and tips given by the professional chefs and took the opportunity to network and discuss our most pressing HR challenges in a wonderful social setting.

Planning underway for future events in the South East and Midlands.

If you’d like an invite, please join our LinkedIn Group or email info@resourcebank.co.uk

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