If you’re hiring, here’s how to make January your most successful month

2021 ended with a record number of job vacancies and a low unemployment rate meaning candidates were like gold dust. Here’s five ways to kickstart your recruitment in the new year.

1. Need for speed – Ensuring your hiring managers are available to interview at short notice will help secure the best people before your competitors do. If their time is tight, consider outsourcing some of your recruitment to relieve the pressure on your internal team.

New year, new jobMore people apply for new jobs in January than any other month of the year and with the pandemic leading to people reassessing their career choices, this year will be no different. Make the most of the applications, ensuring you pipeline people for future roles you’re likely to have later on in the year.

3. You looking at me? Now’s the time to focus on your employer brand. If you look good, even passive candidates might be tempted to move into a new role.

4. Click here to apply – If you’ve peaked someone’s interest enough for them to click apply, the last thing they want to be faced with is a huge application form or task to complete. 80% of applicants drop off during the application process. Think about how much information you actually need to move forward in the process.

5. Create new brand ambassadors – The increased application level in January inevitably means more rejections for those who were unsuccessful. The way you turn down a candidate can make all the difference when they speak to other people about their experience with you. Ideally, you’ll speak to them over the phone giving useful, genuine feedback that will help them in their future job search.

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