New leadership assessment model launched


There are several established models to assess leadership qualities for the top person in an organisation – usually a CEO or a Managing Director – and effective selection campaigns for these roles will utilise assessment tools in order to identify the best leader. When recruiting for the executive level below the CEO – for example Finance Directors, Sales Directors and HR Directors – the established leadership models are rarely used. The resultant impact is that, when the CEO moves on, there is no clear identification of the leadership capability of the next rung of executives, and all too often another CEO is brought in rather than having capable leaders promoted from within.

ResourceBank has identified this issue and has developed a leadership model and profiling service specifically designed for the executive levels below CEO. The model reflects the leadership qualities required in these roles as well as the overall leadership potential of the candidates. It is simpler and quicker than established models and can therefore be effectively incorporated into search and selection campaigns.
sarah linkedinSarah Crocker, Client Solutions Director for ResourceBank said “There have been many assessment models developed in recent years to assist companies in identifying in an objective way how individual candidates will perform as leaders. ResourceBank has researched many of these models and utilised our considerable experience of recruiting executive level candidates within the UK to develop our own 9 point Leadership Model which has the following key benefits:

  • It matches most UK corporate business cultures
  • it is aimed at the Chief Executive, Senior and Middle Management population
  • it is simple to understand
  • it allows visual comparisons between candidates
  • it provides a fast and cost effective method of assessing potential candidates

The ResourceBank Leadership Model has been developed by our own team of Occupational Psychologists and Assessment Professionals who have vast experience as well as specialist expertise.”

Harri Demetrios, Head of Assessment for ResourceBank continues “We will utilise a range of different assessment tools and techniques to assess candidates against our model. We offer a tiered level of service so that we have something that is suitable for every occasion. Our approach includes personality profiling and ability testing which is validated by one of our Occupational Psychologists resulting in a thorough report. Our Leadership Model can be incorporated into our own Executive Search projects, undertaken in parallel to your own recruitment / selection process or undertaken as a stand-alone assessment project.”

Initial customer reaction has been very positive with all current clients of ResourceBank Executive selecting to add the model into their forthcoming search campaigns.

Companies interested in using the model can take advantage of a special offer until September – where ResourceBank will assess three candidates for the price of two.

Leadership Model Final

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