Why you need to upgrade your careers website

Updating career site

Have you upgraded or updated your careers website in the last 12 months?

If you have – congratulations!  Hope it’s working well for you! If you haven’t, please read on.  We’ve suggested six key reasons why you should be updating and upgrading your careers website this summer to maximise your chances of recruiting quality candidates.

1. High demand for candidates

RB Icons x 6 -01Despite the uncertainties of Brexit the UK economy is strong and has the highest levels of employment we’ve ever seen.  Future employment plans remain positive – the summer CIPD Labour Market Outlook survey (conducted after the Brexit result) which measures the difference between the proportion of employers who expect to increase staff levels in Q3 2016 and those who expect to decrease staff levels is at +27, down just one point from the pre-brexit LMO spring 2016 report.

2. Difficulties in recruiting key skills

RB Icons x 6 -02The CIPD survey also reported that 49% of employers are experiencing difficulties in filling vacancies – up from 40% in 2014.  In particular there are difficulties recruiting key skills (IT and engineering) and for key personnel in management roles.  The “talent pool” has not expanded as quickly as the demand from growing employers – so companies need to compete hard to attract the best talent.  In addition, the economic uncertainty caused by Brexit means that talented candidates are less likely to make a career move. You need to make sure that the information on your website is engaging and quickly hooks prospective candidates in to find out more and take the next step.

3. Number one for Candidates

RB Icons x 6 -03Our research shows that your careers website is the first place that management level candidates will look for information.  They prefer to apply to you directly rather than go via job-boards or recruitment agencies.   Whereas previously candidates may have asked colleagues or recruitment companies about your business, in 2016 they will search your careers site in-depth and if they are not engaged and impressed, they will go elsewhere.

4. Mobile enabled

Mobile Job seekers 60%Recent research shows that 60% of job searches are now conducted on mobiles or tablets and candidates under 30 are most likely to be applying for jobs in bed! Your site must be mobile friendly – both in the delivery of information and in the functionality you provide.  It’s not easy completing application forms on mobiles so the ability to apply for jobs with “one click” functionality using LinkedIn or Facebook profiles, Dropbox CVs and “parsing” information are all huge advantages.  Our client World Duty Free has seen a significant increase in the number of candidates applying via mobiles since we upgraded their website in March 2016.

5. Higher quality and more engaged candidates

Engaged CandidateIf you use your careers website to promote your employer brand effectively, candidates can judge whether your employer proposition will suit them. Candidates who feel they match your culture are far more likely to apply and join your business.  If your website has realistic, engaging and appealing information (often through the use of video interviews with current staff, blogs and working-life features) potential candidates are better able to decide “Is this for me?”  This will mean a better “match” to your brand values and less time wasted with unsuitable candidates.  By communicating useful, interesting and engaging information through your careers site (and social media channels), you can also keep your candidates involved through the recruitment process, and reduce the number of drop-outs.


6. You can save money

Saving moneyIf you upgrade your careers website correctly you will increase the number of candidates applying via your website, and therefore reduce spend on advertising and recruitment agencies.   By attracting more suitable applicants you will decrease the time taken by your managers in interviewing and selecting candidates.  Finally, because the candidates you will hire are a better match for your brand and have had a positive experience from the moment they searched for your business, they are more likely to stay and prosper within your business.  You will increase the number of effective employees and increase retention rates (thereby saving recruitment budgets again).

Why upgrade your careers site – in summary…

These are the six key reasons that we think you should be upgrading your careers website.  There are several other benefits such as pride in your brand, demonstrating proactivity to your customers and making your recruitment function more effective and respected.  These, together with the reasons outlined above, are why many of your competitors will be upgrading their websites this year.

Still not convinced?   Have a look at your business through the eyes of a candidate – or look at your competitors.   An upgrade can be incredibly positive for your business, and fairly straightforward to implement.

Mike EllinghamIf you are considering upgrading, please give us a call – it helps to have someone on your side who knows the pitfalls and the tricks of the trade….

Mike Ellingham
Head of Marketing and Employer Brand

07922 231023

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