Next Steps Outplacement – Who we are

ResourceBank and Next Steps joined forces in September 2020 to provide tailored outplacement services to partner with companies and support individuals through career transition.

Since establishing the relationship, Next Steps Outplacement have worked with many organisations through some very challenging times to offer unique and bespoke services to support their employees and offer expert guidance to HR teams.

Each piece of work has been different based on the requirements of the organisation, and has varied from a 3-month career coaching programme for an executive through to workshops to support high volumes of individuals and intensive one month programmes to support the job search process.

We have established partnerships with businesses whereby we are the sole provider of outplacement services, but have also worked with organisations on just one specific project.

As we start a new year, Next Steps Outplacement are here to work with you and your teams. Whether you are going through a restructure, re-looking at roles and responsibilities or just want to offer the best possible opportunities for 

those that might be exiting your business, we have the expertise, experience and passion to partner you every step of the way, whatever your requirements.

To find out more about how we can support you and your teams please get in touch on 01952 212429,  email on or use the contact form below!

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