Pick & Mix recruitment outsourcing; choice is power

At ResourceBank whenever someone buys a tub of Quality Street chocolates for a small celebration, the strawberry delights and orange cremes are always first to go.  Without fail it is the coconut eclairs and toffee pennies that are left at the end of the day.

I am sure that I am not the only one who is mildly annoyed by the inevitable waste.

Then, the other day, someone came up with a great idea: “Why not create a website where you can input the desired number of each chocolate, up to a given weight limit? That way, you can order the ones that are in demand – a kind of virtual pick & mix service.”

The idea was warmly received.

Choice is power.

No one should be forced to consume something that they don’t want or need.

That is a big problem with traditional recruitment outsourcers (RPOs). Too many of the leading providers claim that to be totally effective, they have to assume total control over every aspect of the recruitment process.  This all-or-nothing attitude could force clients to eat a lot of coconut eclairs – services that are not necessary fit for their needs or their culture.

That is why ResourceBank has very much operated a “pick & mix” service to our recruitment partnering service.  Over the last few years, in-house recruitment managers have become more professional and target focussed – and want to remain in control of their own recruitment.  However, recruitment is becoming a more and more complex organism.  There are so many different elements to a successful talent process, that many managers realise that managing everything effectively is a challenging task.

Keep control, outsource what you can

Hiring your own full-time staff and investing in your own systems to run every single element is not necessarily the most effective approach.

Hence the visit to the pick & mix recruitment outsourcing store!

The selective pick & mix approach allows a client to outsource the parts of their recruitment process that either they don’t have the resource to handle, or they realise ResourceBank can deliver more effectively and cost efficiently than they could handle themselves.

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Start with a one-off project

Often we will start with a one-off recruitment project or a specific part of the process.  We then completely focus on its delivery and prove our effectiveness. Our aim is to grow as a partner organically rather than forcing every single service down a client’s throat. We can manage all parts of the recruitment process – all finely tuned with big-name clients and run by the absolute best people in their respective niches. We consult with every client about their needs – when it is cheaper, quicker and more effective to provide a given service, we get working.

Clients either pick one area or, more frequently, select several related areas for us to manage on their behalf. We have  subject-matter experts in each area who know their stuff and can deliver to a wide range of different clients.

We only work with someone where there is a genuine need where we add value. If we take on a piece of business where we cannot deliver (or where the delivery can be done cheaper and easier by a client), then our service will not be valued for long.We help our clients to select those services that are right for them at that point in time.

Of course, once they have sampled our delights, they might even then fancy having a nibble on the odd Coconut Eclair. Then they might do it again, and again.

That is the thing with pick & mix. You never quite know whether you will like it until you try it, but if you trust the provider of the services, then the barriers to trying it are not so high. We work hard to develop trust with our clients and we immerse ourselves into their business exactly where and when we need to.

Next time you are planning your recruitment activity, try the ResourceBank recruitment pick & mix.  We are sure you won’t regret it.

Contact us

To discuss how your business could benefit from a flexible pick and mix approach to recruitment outsourcing, please contact:

Richard Pearson
Managing Director
01952 281900

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