Why recent joiners are most likely to leave you

It’s so frustrating when you’ve put in all that effort into recruiting, onboarding and training up a new employee for them to tell you it doesn’t feel right and leave!  It’s also expensive (it costs £5,433 on average to attract, hire and on-board a new member of staff) and it has a significant impact on your own effectiveness.

New starter experience and on-boarding is actually much harder than it looks.  90% of new hires decide within the first six months on the job whether they want to leave or stay. Get it wrong and new employee engagement can quickly diminish, expectations built up during the interview process can frequently be unrealised and a new starter can quickly translate into a leaver.  And you have to start again….

What can you do to improve your retention?

Many clients find our Recent Joiner interviews very useful in helping to identify early on what is happening with new starters within their business. Often joiners in different departments and divisions have very different experiences, information that is valuable to know and can be acted upon to help reduce attrition rates in key areas of the business.

Questions can be tailored to a client’s needs, gaining rich opinions about the induction, relationship with their Manager and their team.  The feedback can be acted upon quickly, dealing with issues, concerns and inconsistencies in a responsive and dynamic way.

The main reasons recent joiners leave

To go back to the question posed in the title of this blog, what are they main reasons that recent joiners leave?  Our recent surveys have highlighted the following core reasons:

  1. Job not what I expected it to be
  2. Promises made in recruitment process not kept
  3. Didn’t enjoy the commute / location
  4. Didn’t get on with the manager
  5. Found something else more suitable

Every company and every department has different results so don’t rely on the above for your business.

If you want to retain your recent joiners and ensure they remain engaged we have a standard survey that we can implement for you at a week’s notice or we can build a bespoke survey within 3 weeks.

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