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skills gapPage 6 of Recruiter Magazine August edition features the results of the ResourceBank Recruitment Challenges survey from the CIPD exhibition in June.  We feature these results below:

What is the main recruitment challenge facing your business in 2013?   That was the question asked of visitors to the ResourceBank stand at the CIPD recruitment exhibition at Olympia at the end of June. The event attracted over a thousand HR and recruitment professionals from the UK and overseas, and more than one hundred visited the ResourceBank stand to give their view.  This is what they said:

Skill shortages – 30%

The most common key challenge reported by HR professionals was the recruitment of scarce skills, with engineering, IT and sales being the skills most commonly mentioned.

Long-term Talent attraction – 23%

23% of attendees picked Long-term talent attraction as their key challenge.  Many reported a conflict between the HR goals of recruiting candidates with key competencies that matched the overall business plan with the operational manager’s objective of hiring a candidate who had the experience of doing the actual job.

Managing volume – 22%

For some HR professionals, the sheer volume of applications is becoming a real issue.  Several reported receiving more than 100 applications for each job – the vast majority being internet applications – and it is a challenge to filter through these to find the best candidates quickly and cost effectively.

Social Media – 13%

Most attendees agreed that their business could improve its use of social media but only 13% felt that it was the most important challenge for their business in 2013.

Employer Value Proposition – 13%

Again many attendees reported that they needed to improve both the definition and communication of their “Employer brand” to be better at attracting key candidates but only 13% reported this as the most important challenge for 2013.

Do the findings of the survey match with your experience? What’s your view?  What’s the key recruitment challenge effecting your business?  Join in the discussion on LinkedIn now.

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