Recruiters are burning out. Here’s why, and what you can do about it

Vacancies are at a record breaking high, there simply aren’t enough candidates, and everyone wants their roles filled ASAP. No wonder recruiters are feeling the pressure.

It’s been reported that 61% of recruiters have felt increased stress since the start of the pandemic, with 19% experiencing an extreme increase which has had a negative impact on their overall well-being.

Recruitment has generally always been a fast paced, pressurised profession. However in the past two years recruiters have had to face a myriad of additional pressures which are contributing to burnout.

1. Unemployment rates are low, but there are currently over 1.3 million vacancies in the UK right now. Brexit saw 200,000 EU nationals leave the UK and not return due to covid and tighter visa restrictions leaving industries like hospitality heavily lacking in employees. The lack of available talent makes sourcing difficult, time consuming and stressful. The additional pressure without extra support can lead to burnout.

2.Internal recruitment and HR teams are under-resourced. The start of the pandemic saw many recruitment teams made redundant to save costs as there was simply no need to hire. As we exceed normal recruiting levels, these teams are still not back to full capacity, with individuals often taking on additional responsibilities to cover shortfalls in staff numbers on the team.

3.Candidate expectations are higher. The pandemic allowed us all time to re-assess our priorities, both in our work and personal lives. Many people quit their jobs in pursuit of their ideal work/life balance or for something that was more meaningful to them. This made back-filling these roles increasingly difficult, especially in industries such as retail and hospitality where pay is generally low and there is no hybrid working available.

Add into this the impact of home-working, virtual interviewing and other covid-related adjustments that have come into play and the outlook for recruiters is remarkably different that it used to be.

So what’s the best way to combat burnout?

Being an employer than can recognise the signs of stress and burnout is one thing, but are you equipped with the tools to support affected employees?

Things to consider –

  • Technology – Does your ATS allow recruiters to save time by automating certain tasks?
  • Working environment – Where does your team work best? At home? In the office? Or a bit of both? Ensuring your people have a good work/life balance is essentual to their wellbeing.
  • Communication – Remote working can be great for productivity, but it can also be isolating. Regular communication and engagement with your team is integral to ensuring they feel motivated and supported, and any issues are resolved early on.
  • Resource – We’re working in unprecedented times with challenging targets to meet and budgets to stick to. If your team are drowning under their workload, consider expanding your resources by engaging an outsourced recruiter. This takes the pressure off your core team, is flexible around your needs and is often more cost effective than employing new people.


ResourceBank can ease the pressure on your internal recruitment and HR teams by supporting you with some, or all of your recruitment. Only need help with a busy period or a project? We can do that too.

We have recently started work with a client who had to make significant redundancies at the start of the pandemic. Their sector is up and running and in high demand again, with an urgent and need to recruit lots of people in a short space of time. Their internal recruitment team were unable to manage with the influx of hundreds of additional vacancies, so we’ve provided a dedicated recruitment team to ease the pressure on their internal resources.

Find out more about our RPO and ResourceBank Flex services, as well as what our clients have had to say.

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