How does your recruitment compare with the competition?

Market research is so important in so many functions of business, but for HR Directors, getting under the bonnet of competitor HR and recruitment functions isn’t so easy. In the search for the marginal gains that can keep your business a step or two ahead, do you know how you compare to others in your industry?

There is a temptation to be quite insular within HR, doing “what is right for us and our unique” circumstances, and not overly caring what competitors are doing. After all, they are different organisations and what works for them might not work for us.

That argument has a certain amount of validity, but as technology and social media increasingly make the recruitment market more complex, the options of “how to do things” are increasing exponentially. Its no longer sufficient to simply assume that the way you have been doing things are the best you could achieve, especially as recruitment strategy can have such an important impact on your organisation.

One great way of comparing notes is to attend various industry conferences and keep an ear to the ground. Such networking efforts have become popular amongst HR leaders in recent times and there is value to be gained even at the level of discussions on LinkedIn and various other HR forums.

Another way of getting a more direct low down is seeking to source information from new starters in terms of what worked well at their previous employers and what could have been better.

Alternatively, you could partner with a company like ResourceBank.

While we certainly won’t spy on your competitors, and we won’t divulge any details of current and past clients, our thorough knowledge of who does what and what works effectively allows us to give our clients recruitment procedures and strategies a thorough health check.

That’s what we call it, a health check, and if you were an HR Director, why wouldn’t you want to understand how your recruitment fitness compared with everyone else? You never know, you might not be quite as competitive as you think. We go to the doctors when we think that there might be something not quite right with our own health – why wouldn’t you want to check whether you could make a few improvements to your recruitment health?

There may come a time at some future point where costs need to be cut and priorities fixed, but if you don’t know what is working well and what isn’t, how do you make those decisions?

Recruitment Health-check areas

  • Attraction channels
  • Employer branding and reputation
  • Candidate Engagement
  • Technology
  • The recruitment process
  • Hiring manager capability
  • Approaches to selection and assessment
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We provided this service to a UK mental health charity, Recovery Focus, and have identified several immediate actions that will help them be more cost effective and efficient.  Tim Anderson, Group Director People & Organisation Development at Recovery Focus said:

“We were delighted with the recruitment audit undertaken by ResourceBank. Having an independent expert to look over our activities with a fresh pair of eyes has given us a very valuable insight into what we can do better.  The expert was very thorough and provided us with a detailed report with around 30 recommendations, both short and long term, to improve our talent attraction and engagement activities.  We are now working through these recommendations and are confident we will have a much more effective recruitment function as a result.”  

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Might be the best decision you make? Just like that long-avoided doctor’s appointment

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Service Development Manager
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